Project Portfolio

CanAtom Power Group (SNC-Lavalin and Aecon Joint Venture)

In October 2016, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) started work on the first of four reactors at its world-leading Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. Refurbishment began when Unit 2 was taken off line.

Key responsibilities:

  • OPG Orange 2 qualified Nuclear Energy Worker. Currently working on Yellow qualifications to allow for greater independance in work duties.
  • Assessment/repair and commissioning of automated tooling used for reactor removal series (i.e. Feeder Coupling Disconnect and Feeder Removal, PT Cut, Bellows Cut, End Fitting Removal).
  • Subject Matter Expert for automated tooling, and provide engineering support during production.
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of all automated tooling during production.
  • Authorship of Engineering Change Requests and Work Instructions.
  • Engineering support for work groups involved in Unit 2 demobilization and post use assessments.
  • Unit 3 tooling improvement contributor.

Unit 3 refurbishment is currently scheduled to begin February 2020.

Mars Canada Inc.

As technical lead I implemented the control system programming for the facility expansion of the new Line 2 Utilities Control System at the Mars Canada facility in Bolton, Ontario. The project involved the installation of a new cooling tower system for the purpose of supplying cooling water required in the cooking process of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice.

Project specific responsibilities included:

  • Creation of functional specifications, design documents, and user manuals.
  • Coordinated and influenced the design of control panels.
  • Design and implementation of all PLC and HMI programming related to the cooling tower system.
  • Design and implementation of network infrastructure for EthernetIP and Modbus TCP/IP.
  • Worked with vendors, and selected hardware meeting customer requirements.
  • Designed factory acceptance criteria and FAT tested all vendor supplied hardware.
  • Designed site acceptance criteria and provided on site services including system start-up and commissioning.

Home Automation

This project is the implementation of an entry access and zoned lighting control system using RESTful webservices. The application is built using the Dropwizard framework (JAX-RS, Jetty, and Hibernate ORM to name a few of the services) and hosted on a Raspberry Pi which resides behind a webserver that implements SSL encryption.

The client, which is in development, is an Android application for mobile devices.

The prototype for this project is the subject of a project report I prepared which can be read by following this link.

The project also includes a control panel complete with custom engineered printed circuit boards to accomodate I/O interfacing with the GPIO of the SBC.


Medicago is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel vaccines and therapeutic proteins to address a broad range of infectious diseases worldwide. The company is committed to providing highly effective and competitive vaccines and therapeutic proteins based on its proprietary Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) and manufacturing technologies.

Medicago’s new facility will have the capacity to deliver up to 40 to 50 million doses of quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccines.

Project involvement to date has included the production of preliminary User Requirements Specifications. All work followed 21 CFR Parts 11, 210, and 211 GMP guidelines, and GAMP5 for good automated manufacturing practice.

Document authorship to date includes:

  • User Requirements Specification based on current design requirements of the process.
  • Operational Sequence Matrix for Purified Water, Water for Injection, and CIP systems.
  • Alarms, Interlocks, I/O, and Parameter lists.


LFB-USA's Clarification Facility is a new multi-product clarification facility for the production of clarified process intermediate from the milk of transgenic animals. Project involvement included the production of User Requirements and Functional Specifications. All work followed 21 CFR Parts 11, 210, and 211 GMP guidelines, and GAMP5 for good automated manufacturing practice.

Document authorship:

  • Process Control System User Requirements Specification: Automation requirements for process control systems incorporating plant floor equipment.
  • Plant SCADA System User Requirements Specification: Automation requirements for monitoring and controlling GMP direct impact systems.
  • Manufacturing Information Technology User Requirements Specification: Network infrastructure requirements to host automated manufacturing operations.
  • Manufacturing Information Technology Functional Specification: Detailing functional requirements of network infrastructure such as virtual machines, servers, network media and switching. Network topology design was an integral component of this specification.

CJ Healthcare

The CJ Heathcare B-Project involved the design of a new facility to house multiple manufacturing lines of mammalian cell based biopharmaceutical products. The focus of this project was on the design of automated systems in support of the mammialian cell production lines. All work incorporated GMP and GAMP5 guidelines for good automated manufacturing practice.

Project scope included the document authorship of:

  • Manufacturing Information Technology User Requirements Specification: Network infrastructure requirements for hosting automated manufacturing equipment.
  • Automation Topology: A detailed network topology design highlighting network layout, equipment grouping, and network segmentation.
  • Automation Programming Specification: Specifications for software design and implementation including naming conventions, programming methedology, and control network communications.
  • Automation Construction Specification: Specification highlighting detailed requirements for process control system vendors.

Valero Energy

Programming of a pump skid that consisted of two positive displacement pumps and four motor control solenoid valves that worked together to spray water. The water was used to control the temperature of exhaust gasses in a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) using a look up table as opposed to a more traditional solution that would have included the use of a PID control loop.

Probel Safety Systems

Design and build of custom controls for the clients rolling davit and gantry systems, powered platforms, and other specialized systems. Additionally provided on site support and integration for the customer.

Anemoi Technologies Inc.

Created panel layout and wiring schematic drawings for a control panel used as part of a test system for wind turbine generators. Created a detailed bill of materials, procured materials, assembled and tested the control panel for the client.

Planet Paperbox

Actively involved in the integration of a EAM-Mosca Unitizer with a new conveyor system. Performed all interlock wiring between the Unitizer control panel and the conveyor master control panel. Installed new photo sensors on the Unitizer. In a separate project, I designed, built, and installed a small panel which provided a visual display the read out the count of boxes being produced by a box printing and cutting machine.

Cassco Machines

Design, build and integration of a control system for an assembly machine used in the production of filter cartridges. The machine was fed by two vibrating hoppers that fed the parts into the machine. Cartridges were heat stamped with a label, and once a frit was inserted, the completed filter cartridge was inspected by a vision control system for quality assurance. I designed, built, and programed the system.

Lakeshore Gold Corp.

Working along side of another engineering firm, I designed the power distribution and control system for a cyanide destruction process. Controls were used to monitor sensors, display levels, and control motors and actuators used in the process. Assisted in site pre-commissioning activities.


Repurposed a control panel used on a machine to create whiteboards. Reworked existing controls to meet customer requirements, and installed the new panel for them.